PRIZE 2013



ARC: a challenging musical encounter between

the Nordic spirit and the Italian soul


Three acclaimed musicians, all based in Copenhagen, Denmark, met in the fall of 2011 to form the new ensemble, ARC. The trio combines the musical talents of Swedish singer Josefine Cronholm, Swedish bass player Thommy Andersson and Italian piano and bandoneón player Paolo Russo.


A wide spectrum of genuine emotions radiate from this exciting new trio. Audiences can enjoy their music during their intense live performances and on the new album Archipelago, released in April 2013.


The trio's repertoire - consisting entirely of original music - gently leads the listener on a journey through the suffused colors of Scandinavian folklore, the strong accents of Balkan rhythms and the intense flavour of Italian lyricism, with a touch of moden jazz and a distant echo of Argentine tango.

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